Bedford Square 5 – Anthology Launch Party

A few days ago we had the launch party for our MA anthology, Bedford Square 5. The anthology is a showcase of the work produced by two years’ of Royal Holloway’s Creative Writing MA, and includes a mix of prose and poetry. It contains the first chapter of my novel.

The launch was a lot of fun. It was great to see lots of my MA group there, and also to meet a number of other students I hadn’t previously had the chance to meet. The event was organised by Susanna Jones, one of the tutors on the course and whose latest novel, When Nights Were Cold, has just been published. Adele Ward, the publisher of the anthology, was there, too, as was Andrew Motion, the MA director. I spoke briefly to him about Angela Carter, as she is one of my literary heros and he knew her before she sadly died, and about the poety taught in schools. There was at least one literary agent that I spoke to, but as I had expected from such an event, she was only interested in literary fiction.

I see the publication of such an anthology as less of an ego stroke, and more of a momento of the course. As I’ve said before, an anthology of extracts is not the kind of publication that will fly off the shelves, but it provides an example of the MA’s work for prospective students and for potential agents and publishers. For me, the launch party was more of a chance to see my fellow writing buddies again, and to imerse myself in the creative buzz of such a crowd – something that’s always energising to me.

But it’s also nice to know that part of my novel is already ‘out there’, waiting for the rest of it to join it one day…

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One thought on “Bedford Square 5 – Anthology Launch Party

  1. It’s lovely to read this and remember the launch party. The literary agents were selected to include those who specialise in genres including crime, young adult, women’s fiction and others. I think you’ll have found the ones interested in your genre as they were reading the anthology. It’s also good that creative writing MAs include various writing genres as well as literary fiction.

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