Highlights of 2011

Last year, I wrote a post called Highlights of 2010. I think it’s quite a nice way to end the year by reflecting on achievements, rather than focusing on how badly new year’s resolutions have failed.

A few stats for the website. I moved to WordPress.org at the end of February, so over the past ten months, I’ve had 10500 page views, which is just over 500 a month. A big thank you to everyone who has read and commented on this blog over the past year – I hope you come back and enjoy the posts in 2012 too!

I started this year already a few months into my Creative Writing MA, and this has definitely been the thing that has taken up most of my time. I had left my full time job in publishing to do the MA, and had hoped that freelancing would earn me enough money to get by. (I had been wrong, as my time was so thinly stretched.) Other than the MA, I didn’t have any major plans for the year.

Here’s how it panned out:

  • I did my first public reading in November as part of the Runnymead Literary Festival. I read the first chapter of my novel. It was terrifying.
  • I enjoyed several literary events, including the Out of This World sci-fi exhibition at The British Library, as well as a few of the talks held there, including one on H. G. Wells, and the Bad Writing Symposium held at Kings College London.
  • I completed my Creative Writing MA at Royal Holloway, University of London, with merit.
  • A literary agent expressed interest in my novel and wants to see it once it is finished! (Better get a move on…)
  • The Bedford Square 5 anthology was published, showcasing work from the MA and including the first chapter of my novel.
  • I published three issues of Inkspill Magazine, and ran a successful short story competition with cash prizes.
  • I signed a contract with an app developing company who is to bring Inkspill Magazine to the iPad Newsstand in early 2012.
  • I began writing articles and reviewing books for the steampunk publication, Doctor Fantastique’s Show of Wonders.
  • I had three poems and one short story accepted for publication (minimal, but my focus has been on the novel and the magazine this year.)
  • ¬†An abridged version of my steampunk dissertation was accepted for publication in Stet Postgraduate Research Journal, and will appear in their March issue.
  • I visited the south of France, and spent two weeks travelling in South Korea.
  • I re-joined the Pearson team and began working on a project to create an eLearning course for higher education.
  • My novel reached the 34k mark. (Now to finish it in 2012…!)

Overall, not a bad year. I have big plans for 2012 – I just hope that when I write this post again next December, I can list them as my achievements. Here’s to 2012!


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