In Which a Review of ‘The Hours of Creeping Night’ Makes My Head Swell

Sam Russell wrote a non-fiction article for Inkspill Magazine, and since then we’ve been chatting via Twitter. After kindly downloading my short story collection (‘The Hours of Creeping Night‘) to read, Sam then wrote an amazing review on her site.

I didn’t know what to expect, though the forewarning of ‘dark speculative fiction’ probably should have prepared me.

There are nine tales in this debut collection, each distinct from the next if not for the underlying drive to say something more than what the story itself is saying.

For me, Playle has the same ability to convey theme and meaning as George Saunders does in Pastoralia, could probably give the Brothers Grimm a run for their money when it comes to conveying terror, and reminds me of Chekhov with her brevity and pace. … (READ MORE)


Thank you, Sam!

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