Inkspill Critiques Interviewed

Pop over to Vanessa Gebbie’s blog where she’s interviewed me about my creative writing critiquing service. It was really good to get into some depth about the process, aims and background of Inkspill Critiques.

What are Inkspill’s strengths when it comes to evaluating and giving feedback on a piece of work?

Inkspill Critiques provides a writer with an objective and informed view of their work. Unlike a lot of other editing services, Inkspill Critiques provides a dual approach to feedback: a holistic report, which looks at the wider issues of structure, characterisation, pacing, writing ‘tics’ etc; and detailed line edits within the text, providing more specific suggestions and proofreading. The service is flexible and aims to fit around the individual needs of the writer. (Read more…)

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    1. Fantastic! Thanks for your interest, Dora. I had a quick look at your blog, which looks like an interesting read. (Love the new bathroom by the way!) Hope to hear from you again.

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