Inkspill Magazine – Now Available on Apple Newsstand

This is such exciting news. Last week, Inkspill Magazine was launched on the Apple App Store, making it available via Newsstand.

Newsstand is a new app that brings subscription material, like newspapers and magazines, together in one place on your iPhone or iPad. It’s like the magazine’s version of iBooks, with the added feature that you can subscribe to a publication.

As far as I’m aware, Inkspill Magazine is one of the first literary magazines to become available on Newsstand. I’m hoping this will have a good impact on sales.

My main objective with Inkspill Magazine is, and has always been, to provide a highly accessible, good-looking platform for great creative material. I want to develop a huge readership, and this is why the magazine is still available to view free online. Instead of providing a PDF to view, I’ve moved the issues to a magazine host called Issuu, which makes them look really snazzy, with page turning graphics, easy click-and-zoom and the like.

The iPad version is priced at the lowest pricing tier. The extra effort that goes into the coding and development is absorbed by an external company – Appeal Software Ltd – and I think people who want the accessibility of a portable reading experience might be willing to pay a few pence towards the magazine. At 69p an issue and £1.49 for a three-issue subscription, I don’t think anyone can complain!

A hell of a lot of time and effort goes into producing the magazine. I want to have the means to develop it, and that means substituting my time with financial gain – otherwise I’m either losing money, or I can’t justify working on the project when I could be working to earn a living.

I’m hoping these two new platforms will develop the readership. The bigger the readership, the more I can charge for advertising. I’ve already secured a few adverts for the next issue, which I’m really pleased about. However, I can’t justify the amount of money I need until I get the distribution figures up. So far, each issue reaches around 1000 people. Ideally, I would like it to reach at least 5000 people.

If you want to help, you can do so in two ways:

1. Spread the word! Let people know they can read brilliant creative content free online at or buy issues to read on their iPad from the Apple App Store or iTunes.

2. Advertise with us! (And/or spread the word about advertising!) Take advantage of our incredibly competitive rates and advertise your creative service or product, whether that’s a book you want to promote, an editing service, or a writing course. See for more details or email me at

A new website is also in development. The current website has been around since Inkspill Magazine’s birth, two years ago (Happy 2nd Birthday!)

The 6th issue is due out on 15th January. Keep an eye out for it – we’ve got some fantastic creative writing to share with you!

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2 thoughts on “Inkspill Magazine – Now Available on Apple Newsstand

  1. Hi There
    I would like to purchase the May issue of Inkspill magazine, i look forward to hearing from you thank you.
    Ian Debrett.

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