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  The Thinking Writer’s Guide to Writer’s Block – Ebook 


This 10k word ebook delves into the psychology of writer’s block and develops cognitive and practical methods for overcoming it.

Re-think your relationship with fear. Re-assess your perception of procrastination. Understand the myth of time management. Explore methods for creating and developing ideas. Learn the most effective ways to create a writing habit, and uncover some surprising scientific research. Develop different strategies to get you through different types of block, and determine how to attain a level of creative flow.

PLUS: A ‘Don’t Break the Chain’ printable calendar, a printable task workbook, and a ’10 Writing Habits of Famous Writers’ document for interest and inspiration.

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Kindle: If you prefer the Kindle version (text only; excludes printable calendars, workbook and ’10 Writing Habits of Famous Writers’ extras), you can now download The Thinking Writer’s Guide to Writer’s Block on Amazon.

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