Signing with an Agent

The past few weeks, I have been a busy bee. I had an influx of freelance editing work, including a really interesting research project on creative writing courses, and a novel manuscript critique (if anyone is interested in my critiquing service, view more information here). Great projects to be working on. However, I still haven’t had much time to work on my own novel… And I’m getting agitated about it. I need some time to get stuck into it. It’s possible I might have some free time to do this next week, but keeping up the momentum is the tricky part.

In other news, I have decided to sign to the Janklow & Nesbit literary agency. I had a tough decision to make between two offers from two very good agencies, but I felt J&N understood my genre more, and really seemed to ‘get’ what I was trying to do with my writing. They also say they work editorially with their authors, something that very much appeals to me, and they have their own specialist rights department. I got the contract in the post a few days ago. Before I sign, I’m planning to join the Society of Authors, who offer a contract vetting service (I’m sure it’s all fine, but you can never be too cautious).

I have had celebratory drinks and Mario Kart marathons (a hilarious combination), but it still feels a little bit surreal, mostly because I didn’t expected to be at this stage in my writing career for a little while yet. Now, I must use it to fuel my writing!


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