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‘Write to be Published’ – by Nicola Morgan

Many moons ago, I was a beta reader for Nicola Morgan’s book Write to be Published (Snowbooks). After discovering Nicola (who has had over 90 books published) through her amazingly useful blog about writing and publishing, I was excited to see all the tips and information coming together in book form.

A few days ago, I received my signed copy. I started re-reading it straight away because I knew it would be even better than the fantastic draft I had first seen. It didn’t disappoint.

Write to be Published is, as Nicola puts it, a broad view of the writing and publishing world. It gives you the basics of all the information you’ll ever need to understand publishers and agents, and provides you with hard, honest advice.

The book unpicks her theory of getting published: writing the right book, in the right way, and sending it to the right publisher, in the right way and at the right time. Lots of things to get right, then! And the book suggests exactly how to go about doing that, including lots of writing advice.

I’ve read a lot of books about writing, but what makes this one unique is Nicola’s voice. She’s on your side as a writer, but she gives you the cold hard truth. Nothing is sugar-coated. There’s no Zen philosophy about writing. This is a book about the realities of traditional publishing.

But rather than putting the reader off, the book has a fighting spirit. It demonstrates how to give yourself and your writing the best chance it can have in such a cut-throat industry. I think it will effect its readers in two ways: either they will fling the book at the wall in despair and give up writing, or they’ll take on the challenge, knuckle down and won’t give up.

If you are the type of person to pick up this book, as Nicola says in her introduction, you the type of person who wants to learn. And that’s the foundations of a good writer: one who is constantly learning and honing their craft, and arming themselves with knowledge and information. In which case, I suspect you would fall into the latter category of people, the ones who would take the challenge head-on.

If you’re serious about getting published, I highly recommend this book – its a goldmine of information.

(If you’re interested in buying the book, you might want to check out Nicola’s post: ‘Where Do Authors Prefer You to Buy Their Books?’)